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650NK-The Naked Ambition - Game Changer

The Chinese-made CFMoto 650 NK can’t help but remind you of the Japanese invasion of the 1960s.

Just as Honda’s game-changing CB450 was the first Japanese motorcycle Western customers saw as fun as well as functional, sporty in addition to affordable, the naked NK appears to be the first “real” bike to emanate from the world’s largest motorcycle market that is the People’s Republic of China.

Powered by a parallel-twin, 649cc engine that matches Kawasaki’s ER-6n in almost every respect—there’s little denying that this is a knock-off of a proven Japanese design—the NK is still the first motorcycle to come out of China with an engine larger than 250cc. And after riding the NK, I’m convinced that it’s worthy competition for any budget or beginner’s bike from Asia or Europe, and available at a significantly lower price. In Australia, the 650 NK will sell for just more than half as much as its Kawasaki competitor.

CFMoto’s parent company, Chunfeng Holding Group, was founded in 1989 but didn’t start making complete motorcycles until 2000. Development of the 650 NK began in 2009 and the bike was launched in Asia early in 2011. Pending EPA homologation, shipments of China’s first middleweight motorcycle will begin steaming for America.

Because the bike hadn’t passed Australian homologation yet, my test ride took place on the Broadford circuit in Victoria. I admit I approached the CFMoto armed with every possible prejudice against Chinese-made motorcycles, all born from hands-on experience riding various poorly made 250cc singles.

CFMoto’s parallel twin is slated to appear in a fully-faired touring bike as well as a dua

So from the first moment I first saw the CFMoto 650 NK, I was ticking mental boxes. Styling: hmm, not bad, in fact pretty sharp with its stubby R6-type exhaust, bright red frame and black bodywork that’s so reminiscent of the ER-6n. The paint depth and overall finish look equal to any Japanese-made budget bike, though the plastic switchgear still seems a little low-rent, and unpolished aluminum brake and clutch levers look rather drab.           Read full article here

Alan Cathcart gives his verdict on the WK 650

"Japanese-quality bang for not much buck "

The acceleration is determined rather than assertive, but it's sufficiently strong enough to be satisfying”.

“A bike that will stand up to the rigours of normal riding better than its other Chinese competitors, then I think it's a game-changer for sure – especially at this price”.                                                                                                                                                              Read Alan review


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