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250cc - Jetmax, Hits the streets

The Jetmax 250cc scooter is powered by a sophisticated electric start 249cc four-stroke motor, boasting a four-valve cylinder head, single overhead camshaft, a balance shaft and BOSCH electronic fuel injection. This is married to a fully automatic, constantly variable transmission, which makes it a true 'twist-and-go' machine.


The Jetmax offers exceptional storage capacity, with the under-seat storage area easily taking a full face crash helmet and a bag full of groceries. There is also another lockable storage space under the handlebars, which can easily accommodate gloves, keys, sunglasses, phone, etc.. This storage space also has a USB connection to plug into your MP3 player, which then plays though the speakers in the front console. Or you can just tune into the standard fitment radio and pick a station.

The large diameter, twin hydraulic front disc brakes with twin-piston callipers and single hydraulic rear disc brake are the sort of specifications you might expect on a quality sports motorcycle.

The large diameter, 15 inch front wheel and 14 inch rear wheel, are true 'Maxi Scooter' class and certainly help the Jetmax to roll over the worst undulations and bomb holes in the nation's rapidly deteriorating tarmac.

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